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Developed a Vendor Relationship Manager (VRM) and an Employee Relationship Manager (ERM) database for a Remedy'sRx Specialty Pharmacy (Feb-Mar/2015)
These DBs import records dumped from the Great Plains Accounting system and then using that data the user can find vendors or employees which they want to contact and/or record information about.

Developed a CRM database for a NAPA franchise (Sep/2014)
This DB imports records dumped from a Point of Sale system and then using that data the user can select various customers which they want to contact.

Developed a Log Book for Diabetics to Record their Blood Glucose Levels
Will be availabe for free download from this site (see under databases) and from Download.com by end of April/May 2014. The database called Diabetes Log Book (DLB) will also allow the user to record Blood Pressure readings, Weight and Medications. All readings can be automatically summarized and printed in either list or chart form. An extensive demo video has been posted on YouTube.

The Anglican Foundation of Canada (Oct/2012-Dec/2013)
Adapting previously created Donor Management System to suit their needs.

Molson Modelo Imports (May/2012-Jun/2012)
More database enhancements.

Innovative Excellence (April/2012)
Integrated Data Solutions database - uploading data into Great Plains accounting database.

BeDance (Oct/2011-Jan/2012) http://www.bedance.ca
Database to record performances at various dance competitions and to issue awards based on judges scoring.

Canadian Independent Adjusters Association (Dec/2011)
Database maintenance.

OPP (Jun/2011)
Changes to existing database.

Molson Modelo Imports (May/2011)
Enhanced previously developed database.

Compupac Inc. (Apr/2011)
Junior Chamber International membership database enhancements.

Lifestyles Plus (Mar/2011)
Enhanced existing invoicing system.

P. Klassen Optician (Jan/2011)
Enhanced existing customer invoicing system.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions (Dec/2010)
Developed a Purchase Order System.

The Arthritis Society (Sep-Oct/2010)
Developing a database to help volunteers direct public inquiries concerning Arthritis Society run programs by County/City.

The Ticker Club (Aug/2010)
Developed a Membership/Event Tracking System.

Rexdale Community Legal Clinic - part of Ontario Legal Aid (Mar-Jun/2010)
Developed a Case Management/Document Tracking System - can be used by any legal firm.

Developed a Donor Manage System (Nov-Jan/2009)
Hopefully will be released Feb/2009. See www.barrywright.name for more information.

Iovate (Sep-Oct/2009)
Created a database to track and print donor donations and receipts.

Philip Aziz Centre (Aug-Sep/2009)
Created a database to track and print donor donations and receipts.

Passwords database (Aug/2009)
Submitted Passwords database to download.com (free open source) should be available in September. I personally use this database to track all my passwords, I currently have about 120.

Corona Extra (Apr-Jul/2009)
Created a database to track Marketing Projects from planning/inception to Request for Quotes, Purchase Orders and Receiving Reports.

VA Tech Hydro Canada Inc (Jan-Mar/2009)
Creating a database to track Revenue/Expenses (Budget vs Actuals) by Project.

Iovate (2008)
Created a sales forecasting system.

Ontario Provincial Police (2008)
Created a database to track the installation/uninstallation of OPP equipment.

SNC*LAVALIN Power Ontario (2008)
I created a database to track correspondence between them and their subcontractors.

The Canadian Stage Company (2008)
I fixed and enhanced (a little bit) their inhouse Volunteer Database. I did this for a gift in kind donation receipt.

BMO (2008)
I developed a database that imports data dumped from the ADP system using Panagon into an MS-Access database. Access then manipulates the imported data and creates a report which is used to create a journal entry to distribute Revenue to PCD Retail Branches based on Investment Advisor.

Telus (2007)
Make significant enhancements to the Projects tracking database previous created.

KPMG (2007)
I collaborated with another MS Access developer (Jeff Keimel) to develop a database to handle a bankruptcy. This involved the calculation of payouts to the bankruptcy claimants, the sending of text files to both an outside cheque printing company so the claimant cheques could to printed and to the bank so the bank reconciliation could be managed for a high volume of cheques. The database included a user interface so claimant information could be found and updated and management reporting showing the status of the bankruptcy as a whole. The database not only needed to meet the requirements of KPMG but also the bankruptcy court and Revenue Canada.

CIBC (2005 - 2006)
I completed the development of a multi-user database for CIBC. The database was developed to track compliance to the Basel II Accord. The solution was rolled out to over 50 users involving the use of 10 synchronized database backends. The database met the data capture expectation of management and included:

  • Produced status report requirements of both CIBC and OSFI;
  • Linked Basel requirements to supporting documents through the use of a document repository;
  • Data exports to pre-formatted OSFI templates; and
  • Full database security.

As the sole database developer on this project my responsibilities required interaction with both bank management and project management staff to ensure regulatory needs were addressed and project timelines and responsibilities were met.

Telus (2005)
I was contracted by Telus to develop a Project tracking system. Projects were sent in from internal Telus departments and the projects were either insourced or outsourced. The Projects database was used to list project items and processes, print requests for quotes, print approval forms and generate numerous stats.

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