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The video below was originally produced and broadcast by the CBC on "The Nature of Things" Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 8 PM. The video follows psychotherapist and alcoholic-in-recovery Mike Pond as he discovers the best new evidence-based addiction research and treatment.
The link below takes you to the CBC website:
You can also watch it in four parts via the four links below:
Wasted Part 1
Wasted Part 2
Wasted Part 3
Wasted Part 4

Barry Sings with Sissel (my favourite is "One Day")
You Raise Me Up
One Day

Christian Songs
He Knows My Name
Be still and know that I am God
You'll Never Walk Alone

Allen Browne's Database and Training
Brief tutorials and help for novices and database developers. Examples and solutions to implement. Bugs and traps to avoid. Sample code and utilities to download. All free.

The Access Web
This FAQ site is designed to help Microsoft Access developers find answers for some common questions.

Google Groups Advances Search - this will open Google Groups at the group "comp.databases.ms-access". Type your question into the "Search this Group" text box and be amazed. This is the best resource on the web to get answers to all questions related to VBA.

MZ Tools - a Great MS Access Addin
I have been using MZ Tools since 2003. In that period it has saved me about a years worth of coding (I may be exaggerating a little). See Articles page for a quick start tutorial.

World Class Software Solutions - this site sells many MS Access Tools (none of which I have used) and also has many good articles on best practises for MS Access developers definitely worth a look.

RVBA Naming and Coding Conventions - Reddick VBA Naming and Coding Conventions
Lots of good plain common sense practices for serious MS Access VBA programmers. It doesn't appear that the site has been updated for a couple of years but still worth a look.

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