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Volunteer Management System (VMS) - Version History

Version History can also be viewed from within VMS itself (click Help/Version History)

Version 2000 - Build 0067 (September 1, 2010)
Bug Fixes
1) The activeX control used for the Progress Bar - used on 4 forms was not available on some versions of Windows OS. Therefore removed the progress bar. The progress base activeX control was not functioning the Create and Delete records buttons on these forms would not work at all. Also see -Known Bugs.
2) Added "Secured Print Popup" as the default ShortcutMenuBar popup for all reports.
3) 95% of the demo data has been removed - only about 130 HR Profiles and 1 Agency Profile remain.

Version 2000 - Build 0066 (August 1, 2010)
Bug Fixes
1) Fixed - After deleting demo data the HR Profiles form would not open.

Version 2000 - Build 0065 (December 3, 2009)
Bug Fixes
1) Fixed bug: [vHRID] would popup when switching to Scheduling tab on HR Profiles form - only occurred when user was using MS Access 2007, did not occur in MS Access 2003.
2) Updated LogBug procedure - added code ErrorString function to return error description for Application or Object defined errors.

Version 2000 - Build 0064 (May 21, 2009)
Bug Fixes
1) Fixed bug when user clicked "Generate Hours for Special Event" (cmdGeneratePRSE_Click) on Agency Profiles (Volunteer Positions tab). Form opened with blank sub form and gave error message.

Version 2000 - Build 0063 (April 13, 2009)
Bug Fixes
1) Fixed bug when user clicks "Sort By" on "Volunteer Skill Sets" form and no records meet the selection criteria.

Version 2000 - Build 0062 (March 2, 2009)
Bug Fixes
1) On Defaults maintenance form, the user is unable to change the default agency to another agency if the Agency being changed to does not have any Volunteer Position Requirement records. The user should be able to change to any Agency as long as the Agency has Volunteer Positions even if the Positions do not have any Volunteer Position Requirement records (hours requiring a volunteer).
2) Fixed the printing reports problem on the "Volunteer Skill Sets" form.
3) On "Volunteer Application Status" form - if you click the Email button and subsequently cancel sending the report the error message no longer appears.
4) Customized the form used by Volunteers who login to record their own hours - this was done for National University Hospital in Singapore. Only they will see this form, form name: frmLogHoursVolunteer
5) Added the "FixApostrophe" function to all the finds of strAgencyName, i.e., "Joe's".
6) Fixed small bug on close of HR Photo (frmPhoto): error 2046

Version 2000 - Build 0061
(Oct 31, 2007)
Bug Fixes
1) Reports run from the form "Positions by Skill" have been corrected.
2) When pasting an email address into the email address field on the Phone/Address tab of Volunteer Profiles and the address does not validate and the Registration Form opens.

1) A volunteer can be setup as a user and when logged into VMS will be able to enter the hours he/she has worked.

Version 2000 - Build 0060 (May 15, 2007)
1) Fixed LogBug sub added code to handle empty strings.

Version 2000 - Build 0059 (April 7, 2007)
1) Fixed the button "Check Positions with Unscheduled Hours for Period" on the "Positions List" form. The criteria used was not using the date range chosen (Period).

Version 2000 - Build 0058 (April 1, 2007)
1) Added field "Committed To Date" to tblSkillInfo (recordsource for "Volunteer Skill Sets - sub form).
2) Added fields "Active" and "Committed To Date" to the "Volunteers by Skill" form.
3) Deleted three fields from the tblSplash (Version, Build and Release Date) and changed the source for these three fields on the Splash form to tblVersion.
4) When using the form "Record Monthly Volunteer Hours" and creating "No-Shows" the "Did Shift" (blnUsed field) checkbox was being checked, changed code so it is now unchecked.
5) Fixed Print Reports on form "Volunteer Stats (All) - Reports would not print just gave an error message.
6) Replaced the "Main Menu\Help\Registration & License Upgrade" form with "Main Menu\Help\User Registration" form. New form allows users to register their copy of VMS. This allows WITS to automatically notify these Registered Users of bug fixes and enhancements.
7) Added a new Error Handler which is not functional for current code but will be used for all changes going forward. This will allow users to more easily report bug(s) and for the VMS developer(s) to analyse and fix bugs using the "Submit a Bug Report" form because submissions will automatically include a copy of the captured error messages.
8) Added the "Main Menu\Help\Display Bug Log" form so user may view the list of captured error messages and email a copy to Wits Support if desired.
9) Rearranged the Main Menu\Help menu items.
10) Changed the field "Registered to" to "Registered Email" on "About VMS" form (Splash Screen).
11) A major enhancement effecting many forms was incorporated into this Update. This major change was the adding of an "Inactive" date field to the "Position Maintenance" form. This allows users to make Inactive any Position. If a Position is deemed Inactive (retired/phased out) then the user will not be able to generate any "Position Requirement Hours" for the position. Any Unscheduled "Position Requirement Hours" may still be scheduled. Two fields were added to the form "Positions List", Inactive and Print. A number of options were also added to the "Positions List" form which allows the user to easily select Positions with Unscheduled records and/or select/unselect Positions manually. This allows for greater control over just what Positions a user wants to send a protential Volunteer. Other forms effected are: "Skills - Volunteers with Skill/Positions Needing Skill" see tab "Positions Needing Skills", "Positions By Skill", "HR Profiles" see "Positions Interested In" form under tab "Skills/Interests", "Record Monthly Volunteer Hours" see Positions combo box dropdown - a user may select an Inactive Position but is warned when one is selected, and "Record Daily Volunteer Hours" see Positions combo box dropdown - a user may select an Inactive Position but is warned when one is selected.
12) Removed "Compact Database" and "Compile VMS" for "Main Menu/Tools" menu group for both with Runtime and Without Runtime versions.

Version 2000 - Build 0057 (March 13, 2007)
1) Bolded and Centered label "Select Options" on form "Select Communication Devices" (frmEmailSelected).
2) Fixed error 2501 on form "Count of HRs by Type" (frmHRTypeCount) when email report is cancelled.
3) Reformatted report "Summary of Current Positions" (rptPositions) changed top and bottom margin from 1" to 0.5".
4) The form "Transfer Stats From One Volunteer to Another" would not open due to a coding error - now fixed.
5) Fixed the BeforeUpdate event of the blnActive checkbox - moved the SaveRecord to the AfterUpdate event.

Version 2000 - Build 0056
1) The Positions List (frmPositions) label fonts were too big to fit in the label area for "Choose Positions to Display" and Choose Sort Order". Made the label larger. This was due to the DPI setting on my computer being set at 120 rather than the default of 96. This setting is found by right clicking the Desktop, selecting Properties/Settings/Advanced tab under the General tab.
2) Changed warning on "Save" of frmPSAdd. Msg was displaying incorrect information if user was trying to make a Skill required if another Skill was already required and "Position Requirement" records had already been generated.
3) Commented out line "Me.cmdGenSpareHours.SetFocus" in "Private Function EnableDisableButtons()" of form "frmHRSpareGen". This line is no longer needed and was causing an error message when the user double clicked on the "Last or First" name to switch from form view to datasheet view.
4) Fixed refresh of "Spare Profiles" form after "Out of Date" procedure is run.
5) Fixed: If an HR name was changed the Contacts disappeared, i.e., were not transferred to the new name (tblHRCalls were not updated with the new lngNameID).
6) The button "Make Similar Record" on form "HR Contacts" (frmHRCallsSum) did not work correctly all the time, i.e., if you moved from "New Record" record to an existing record and then clicked the "Make Similar Record" button.

Version 2000 - Build 0055
1) Added Column Widths to VMS Form Popup.
2) Added VMS Form Popup to Agency Dept, Program, Position and Skill forms so user can resize column widths.
3) Corrected bug in report "Volunteers By Skill" (rptSkillsInfo). Active chkbox had incorrect data source.
4) The Scheduled Percent would display an Error if division by zero happened to occur, fixed it to display a "0" when division by zero.
5) Made a couple of minor changes to Messages in "Security/Passwords/Upgrade" form.
6) Fixed Dbl-Click on Dept on the Position Skills form (frmPSMtce) - was not displaying correct Agency Dept list.
7) Commented out the startup message that Disable-Shift did not complete successfully when Cedrick logged on as user.

Version 2000 - Build 0054
1) Updated EULA with Contact and how to logon with database window visable.
2) Added button Set "Subdatasheet Name" to "[None]" on frmPreDistributionProcedures.

Version 2000 - Build 0053
1) Changed the display of the hours labels on grid: HR Profiles, Agency Profiles, Spare Profiles, Generate/Delete Hours Other Skills and Generate Hours for Special Event.
2) Added "Version History" under Main Menu/Help

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