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Volunteer Management System (VMS) - Known Bugs

February/2014 Bug: The VMS calendar control does not work when using MS Access 2010/2013 because Micrisoft stopped supporting their own activeX calendar control - can you believe it. I therefore do not recomment you use VMS if all you have is either MS Access 2010 or 2013. I have begun work on fixing this but because of other commitments have no expected completion date

Bug below is fixed in Version 2000 Build 0067
August/2010 Bug:
When you click on the "Generate/Delete Hours for Skill Set" or "Generate/Delete Position Hours" button you get an hourglass and no records are generated. This does not occur in all versions of MS Access or OSs but is caused by the absence of an ActiveX control, in the above cases - the Progress Bar on the forms mentioned above causes the process of Generating/Deleting records to fail without an error message. Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused.

Fixes for the bugs listed below will be implemented in version V2000B0062 scheduled for release end of October 2008.
1) On Defaults maintenance form, the user is unable to change the default agency to another agency if the Agency being changed to does not have any Volunteer Position Requirement records. The user should be able to change to any Agency as long as the Agency has Volunteer Positions even if the Positions do not have any Volunteer Position Requirement records (hours requiring a volunteer).

Fixes for the bugs listed below have been implemented in version V2000B0061 released October 31, 2007.
1) Reports run from the form "Positions by Skill" using the report button do not show the correct information. Running the report a second time without changing the records being displayed on the form should result in the correct information being displayed on the report. Clicking the email button will attach an incorrect report to the email message until the correct information is displayed using the report button. In other words the work around is to run the report twice without changing the records being displayed on the "Positions by Skill" form.
Corrected - October 31, 2007 Version 2000 Build 0061

2) When pasting an email address into the email address field on the Phone/Address tab of Volunteer Profiles and the address does not validate and the Registration Form opens.
Corrected - October 31, 2007 Version 2000 Build 0061

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