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Volunteer Management System (VMS) - How To Movies

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How to Install VMS - New Install (5 minutes)

If VMS will not start view this movie:
Trouble Shoot VMS Install (7 minutes) - Added November 1, 2007

How to Upgrade your VMS to Version 2000 Build 0061 (8 minutes - Updated November 5, 2007)
Near the end of the above movie it refers to a VMS Runtime - sorry, but the runtime version of VMS no longer exists!

After you install VMS you may view the following videos in the order presented in order to get a good understanding of how to properly setup and use VMS. These movies are NOT meant to be a replacement for the Context Sensitive Help which can be viewed by pressing the F1 help key when on any form but as a supplement.

Menu Structure Overview and Context Sensitive Help (3 minutes)

How to Add Users, Set Passwords and use Security (5 minutes)

How to Setup Defaults (4 minutes)

How to Add you First Agency (5 minutes)

How to Edit Agency/Supervisor Info (4 minutes)

How to add Volunteer Positions to an Agency (13 minutes)
Impact of adding "Inactive" date field to Positions (5 minutes)

How to Generate Volunteer Position Records (VPR) (8 minutes)

How to Add a Volunteer and Track the Volunteer Application Status (11 minutes)

How to Add Volunteer Available Skill records, Auto-Match to Volunteer Position Records and Print Schedules for Volunteers and Supervisors (25 Minutes)

How to Setup Group Profiles (17 minutes)

How to Setup and Use Volunteer Spares (18 minutes)

How to Record Contacts Made with Human Resources (8 minutes)

How to Print a Filtered Phone/Address Directory (11 minutes)

How to Handle Volunteer Expiring Commitments (6 minutes)

Count of HRs By Type (3 minutes)

What Positions Require Volunteers and How to Fill them (15 minutes)

How to Generate Stats From Scheduled Hours and How to Add Stats Manually (19 minutes)

How to Print Stat Reports (20 minutes)

How to Record Supervisor/Volunteer Reviews (14 minutes)

VMS Overview (38 minutes) gives you an in depth glimpse of some VMS features.

Impact of Recent Enhancements on above Movies:
Impact of adding "Inactive" date field to Positions (V2000 B0058 or greater)

Allow a Volunteer to Logon and Enter Hours Worked (17 minutes) Added November 5, 2007 (V2000 B0061) New Version


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