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Volunteer Management System (VMS) - Features

  1. Press F1 when any form is open to see a list of features for that form and how to use them. Note: pressing F1 if no form is open will open MS Access help.
  2. Volunteers are matched to Volunteer Positions by skill and availability.
  3. VMS handles Groups of Volunteers as easily as it handles Individual Volunteers.
  4. Volunteers can also be setup as Spares and Spares can be used as replacements for Volunteers who are ill; substitutions are done with the click of a button.
  5. Any scheduling changes for a particular Position or Volunteer are automatically tracked so the Volunteer Manager knows what schedules should be reprinted and sent to effected Volunteers and Position Supervisors.
  6. Schedules can be emailed directly to the Volunteer and Position Supervisors from within VMS.
  7. Stats are auto-generated from the Schedules. Stats can also be entered manually.
  8. VMS has a broad range of tools with which to analyze Scheduling Efficiencies and Stats, i.e., what Volunteer Positions need to be filled, what skills are most required, what Volunteers are being under utilized, Stats by Agency, Dept, Program, Position and Volunteer; a number of reports also include Charts.
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