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Diabetes Log Book (DLB) - Overview

Disclaimer: User beware, reports and charts are dependent on the accuracy of the testing equipment used to generate data and the accuracy of the data entered into the database. WITS does not claim that the formulas and/or calculations used to generate reports or charts are completely accurate. In other words WITS cannot claim that any of the information in the database is accurate or accurately displayed. See EULA for more specific information having to do with guarantees and/or warranties.

This database may be used to print reports and charts so you the user can provide them to a health care professional to assist in monitoring your condition as it pertains to blood glucose and blood pressure levels.

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All Donations received from Diabetes Log Book users will be forwarded to "The Salvation Army's Partners in Missions".

Click here to view donations received for Diabetes Log Book to date

Below will be a list of receipts received from The Salvation Army, if there are no receipts listed then either donations have not been given to WITS or donations have not yet been receipted by The Salvation Army. Note: depending on the amounts donated for the Diabetes Log Book donations may only be sent to The Salvation Army once a year which would be December 15th.

All issued reciepts will be listed below and are in the form of downloadable PDFs.


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