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Diabetes Log Book (DLB) - Download

Disclaimer: Please read the disclaimer on the Overview page.

By downloading and/or using the DLB database you are agreeing with the terms of the Diabetes Log Book EULA.

Download this DLB version if you have MS Access 2002 or greater installed.
Note: DLB will NOT run using MS Access 64 Bit. If you have MS Access 64 Bit then download DLB runtime version - see "Download DLB runtime version" below.
For instructions on how to install DLB click the movie link "Download, Install and Setup the Diabetes Log Book" (10 minutes)
Click here (1.1 MB) to download Version 2003 Build 0001 - Released May 15, 2014

Download DLB runtime version:
You will need to download the runtime version if you do not have a version of MS Access already installed on your computer, note MS Access 64 Bit is NOT complatible with DLB, therefore, you will need the runtime verson of DLB to run the database. Click here to download the most recent RunTime version of DLB.
See the movie below for instructions on how to dowload and install the runtime version:
How to install the DLB runtime version. (12 minutes)

Download Help Links database - The Help Links database (HelpLinks.mdb) is used to display the help videos for the Diabetes Log Book database. It will never hurt to download and install the most recent Help Links database:
Click here to download the latest HelpLinks.mdb - Released May 15, 2014

HelpLinks Install Instructions: After the HelpLinks.mdb download is complete unzip the downloaded file DLBHelpLinks.zip and put the HelpLinks.mdb into the folder that contains the DLBBE.mdb (Diabetes Log Book Back End) file.

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