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I will donate my consulting time to any organization which promotes climate change. Please contact me at the number below.

Effective April 26, 2014 my new phone number is (306) 500-5383.

How do you convert a 32bit Access application to Access 2010 or 2013 64bit?
You ask me to do it for you!

Facing budget cuts and/or downsizing but expected to maintain service levels? A database can automate many of your processes especially if you are using spreadsheets and are contantly loading and updating data to run crucial enterprise reporting requirements. I can help, call me for a free no obligation assessment of some of your data bottlenecks. I guarantee ROI, check out my guarantee at the bottom of this page.

Availability: I am currently available for short/long term projects. Free estimates as always!

Who am I? My name is Barry Wright. I am an MS Access database developer, (MS Access Programmer, MS Access Consultant) who formerly lived in Toronto, Ontario. I design and develop custom database solutions for clients. I also offer a few database services (fix corruption, data recovery, etc.) and provide a number of free downloadable open source databases. My areas of expertise include: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), MS Access Programming, desiging bullet proof database schema (table structure normalization to the 3rd normal form), Access Security and multi-level tabbed forms with drill down record selection.

Recently I have had contracts with Remedy'sRx, NAPA, The Anglican Foundation of Canada, BeDance, The Arthritis Society, Legal Aid Clinics in Ontario, Ontario Provincial Police, Philip Aziz Centre, Molson Modelo Imports, VA Tech Hydro Inc., Iovate, and KPMG. To learn more about these projects see Recent Projects

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I use to love this stuff but recently (Feb/Mar 2015) they changed the recipe so it is now just crap!

2) Perfect Origins/Perfect Biotics - Super Probiotic Formula
I got totally sucked into buying this quack product. Do not buy this it is total garbage buying this is like flushing your money down the toilet.

Our solutions are guaranteed to pay for themselves within the first year of deployment.

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